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Parents Plus

We offer four different Parents Plus Programmes which are run as 6-12 week parenting courses. If you are interested in participating in a programme please contact the office to book a place.

• Parents Plus Early Years Programme
An evidence-based parenting course promoting confidence, learning and positive behaviour in young children aged 1 to 6 years.
The programme is ideal for parents who want to maximise their children’s learning, language and social development, as well as reduce behaviour problems while ensuring their children grow up happy and emotionally secure. The programme is suitable both for children within the normal range of development as well as children with special needs, such as ADHD, speech and language and other developmental difficulties.

Topics include:
• Being a responsive parent.
• Child-centred play and communication.
• Supporting children’s self-esteem and confidence.
• Promoting children’s language and development.
• Helping children concentrate and learn.
• Building cooperation in young children.
• Establishing daily routines.
• Managing tantrums, misbehaviour and problems.

• Parents Plus Adolescents Programme
An evidence-based parenting course promoting effective communication and positive relationships in families with adolescents aged 11 to 16 years.
The Parents Plus Adolescents Programme considers how parents can connect with and build good relationships with their teenage children (aged 11-16), while also being firm and influential in their lives.

Topics include:
• Getting to know and connecting with your teenager.
• Communicating positively and effectively.
• Building your teenager’s self-esteem and confidence.
• Negotiating rules and boundaries.
• Teaching teenagers responsibility.
• Positive discipline for teenagers.
• Managing conflict.
• Solving problems together.

• Parents Plus Children’s Programme
An evidence-based parenting course promoting confidence, learning and positive behaviour in children aged 6 to 11 years.
Targeting the needs of primary school children, the Parents Plus Children’s Programme shows parents how to communicate positively with children, illustrating ways to encourage good social skills, as well as well-researched methods to tackle behaviour and emotional problems. The aim of the course is to help parents not only solve discipline and other childhood problems but also for parents to develop closer and more satisfying relationships with their children.

Topics include:
• Solving childhood problems.
• Play and special time with children.
• Building children’s self-esteem and confidence.
• Encouraging children’s learning/supporting homework.
• Setting rules and helping children keep them.
• Establishing daily routines.
• Managing misbehaviour using consequences and sanctions.
• Problem-solving/talking problems through with children.

• Parents Plus Parenting when Separated Programme
A practical and positive evidence-based course for parents who are preparing for, going through or have gone through a separation or divorce.
Parenting when separated can be challenging and confusing. Drawing on international long-term evidence, the Parenting when Separated Programme is a six-week course that highlights practical steps parents can take to help their children cope and thrive, as well as coping successfully themselves.

Topics include:
• Solving co-parenting problems in a positive way that focus on the needs of children.
• Cope with the emotional impact of separation and learn stress management techniques.
• Help your children cope with the impact of the separation both emotionally and practically.
• Enhance communication with their children and with their children’s other parent.
• The ‘Parenting When Separated’ course does not propose to find magic answers but hopes to help parents to gain the support of other parents who may have similar experiences and to find down-to-earth solutions for difficult situations. The focus of the course is positive and aims to build on your strengths as a parent and what you are already doing right.

• Working Things Out
An evidence-based CBT programme for adolescents (aged 11 to 16) promoting positive mental health and teaching coping skills to overcome specific problems.

The Working Things Out programme aims to help young people build communication and conflict resolution skills in order to overcome mental health problems and to improve their relationships within their families, in school and in the community. The programme sessions are designed around a DVD containing personal stories of adolescents who have coped with challenging mental health issues such as, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, OCD, Self-harm and Suicide, as well as issues such as, Bullying, School Pressures, and Conflict with Parents. The stories offer advice on how to cope and what young people can do to help themselves.

Topics include:
• Getting Along with parents /carers – Improving family relationships.
• Stop and Think – The key to solving problems.
• Listening, talking and resolving conflicts.
• Managing feeling down- Things I can do to help myself.
• Taking Charge – Developing helpful thinking strategies.
• Keeping Your Cool – Dealing with anger and conflict.
• Communicating Well – For building positive relationships.


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