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Enniscrone No Name Club

Enniscrone No Name Club commenced in December 2017 with over 20 young people participating and 9 volunteers. The group provides young people with a social outlet without the need for alcohol and drugs. The club educates young people about the dangers of alcohol and drugs and teaches them that they do not need to drink alcohol or take drugs to have fun.

The young people run the group with the support of the adult volunteers. As a national organisation the club is provided with the opportunity to visit other clubs and participate in events that they have organised.

Various fundraising events will be carried out to ensure that all young people can participate regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. The young people will organise and run these events.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact Stacey in the Family Resource Centre for more information. Becoming a volunteer does not require a weekly commitment.


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096 37444

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Monday to Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm

No Name Clubs

No Name! Clubs respect the dignity, value and uniqueness of all young people by supporting, advocating and helping to safeguard their right to enjoy life, feel respected and to mature without a reliance on alcohol and other drugs.

All work is supported by an incredible group of adult volunteers, who give their time and energy to support each No Name! Club. Adult volunteers play important roles in communities throughout Ireland by helping No Name! Clubs to meet the needs of young people and deliver activities and events in a healthy, safe and supervised environment.

No Name! Club is a National Youth Organisation founded in 1978 and operates in four provinces, with clubs throughout the country. In 1978, three friends Fr. Tom Murphy, Eamonn Doyle and Eddie Keher, were concerned with the alcohol culture and how young people were becoming more exposed to it.

They sought to resolve the issue, where an alternative to alcohol could be provided. They discussed the problem at hand and an idea began to take shape in their minds. They decided to form their very own club. This would be a club where young people could come together and enjoy themselves in a comfortable environment that would be free from alcohol and other drugs.

No Name! Clubs are run by, and for young people aged 15-18 years, and enables young members to organise and enjoy positive alternatives to alcohol and drug-centred activities. It increases awareness of the effects of alcohol and drugs, to help young people make informed choices when they are older.

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