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Family Support

Family Support Services

We have designated Family Support Workers who provide practical help and emotional support to families. Family Support is a community-based approach aimed at strengthening children, young people and families with identified needs.
The Family Resource Centre provides many programmes to meet specific identified needs such as In-home Family Support, Parenting courses, one to one support for children and young people, group activities such as cookery, summer programmes, art and drama.

In-Home Family Support

We offer in-home family support to families who may require additional support with parenting, day to day home management, addiction, domestic violence, mental health, routines and boundaries.

Each family is individual in the supports they require. Therefore, an individual support plan is created in partnership with each child and family to provide a service that meets their individual needs and to achieve their goals.

Often a family needs someone to talk to when they are going through a difficult time. This can be the first step in dealing with problems. Our Family Support Workers are trained to offer support, advice and help.
We advocate for families who wish to access further services and supports in the community.
Participating in Family Support is voluntary and our workers will respect your wishes at all times.


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