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Voluntary Board of Directors

West Sligo Family Resource Centre is governed by a Voluntary Board of Directors. Voluntary Directors have an overall responsibility for the management of the Family Resource Centre. The members of the Voluntary Board of Directors are representative of their communities and the needs within those communities.

Mark KupczakActing Chairperson
Mark was appointed to the Board of Directors in December 2017. Mark is currently studying a Masters in Leadership and Management for the Community, Non-Profit and the Public Sector and recently graduated with a BA in Health and Disability Studies. He has been involved with Foroige for over 5 years as a volunteer leader in Coolaney and Chairperson for the District Council. He also assisted in setting up the youth club in Coolaney. Mark is currently a Director with Coolaney Development Company and Sligo Travellers Support Group. He has a strong interest in community development and making a contribution to society. Mark has a great understanding, knowledge and experience with policies and procedures which supports the development and running of the West Sligo Family Resource (WSFRC).
Harish RangrooCompany Secretary
Harish was appointed to the Board of Directors January 2014. Harish is the Chef and Owner of Bisini Restaurant, Ballina, Mayo. He has over 32 years’ experience in the hospitality industry as a supervisor and manager. This involves working with food, people management, systems and procedures, budgets and deadlines in professional, well-run establishments. Harish is very keen on making a contribution to society at different levels and by applying his management knowledge and experience by helping in the running of WSFRC.
Caroline RolstonTreasurer
Caroline was appointed to the Board of Directors in December 2017. Caroline has four children aged between 4-23 years. She has spent most of her life working with children and elderly people. Caroline is actively involved in the community and spent three years working with the rural development scheme. Caroline is passionate about the work of the FRC and in advocating for children, young people and families.
Jimmy Tighe Director
Jimmy was appointed to the Board of Directors in December 2017. Jimmy has over 30 years’ experience in managing pubs and bars. He has an interest in Golf and Soccer and has been a member of both Enniscrone Golf Club and Kilglass Enniscrone United Football club for over 20 years. Jimmy completed a twelve-month placement with the Family Resource Centre and gained a greater understanding in the work of the FRC programme and how to respond to the needs of individuals and families in the West Sligo area.
Vincent McDonnell Director
Vincent was appointed to the Board of Directors in April 2017. Vincent completed a twelve-month placement with the FRC and gained an insight into the work of the FRC programme. Vincent is a member of the Enniscrone Golf Club and has an interest in IT and software.